Saturday, April 14, 2012

Radeons 7950 $ 7970 should undergo price drops

If you're planning to upgrade your GPU in the near future wait just a bit more. It seems that AMD is going to drop prices of their high-end products. It will be the AMD's response for the nVidia's GTX 680.

Price drops that we can expect are as follow:
Radeon HD 7970: 549$ -> 489$
Radeon HD 7950: 449$ -> 394$

What is more, Radeon HD 7770 should also be less expensive by almost 15$.


  1. That is one big price dip, competition is getting fierce.

  2. better than no money off i guess

  3. Yeah I heard about these price drops. Better for customers!

  4. I think overall this will be more profitable for the company. I have amd graphics card.

  5. I will buy one of these very soon!!