Saturday, April 7, 2012

Internet - to entartain and inform

I've decided to make one more post today before sleep. This one will be similar to the last one, becouse it was well recieved.
It is fine example that internet has many uses. Browsing a site which prime focus is entertaining people (or providing space for them to entartain each other) can also teach you useful tricks.

My favourite is one about elevators? I haven't checked it myself and I'm curious whether this works or not? Have you tried it? Which one could be useful for you?

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  1. Thats a very useful guide, I tried the iphone one in my car where theres space for the handle.

  2. Haven't tried the lift one, but the toilet role one is very clever.
    I should probably try it out. There are so many stray wires littered around my room.

  3. I didn't know ANY of this! Thanks!

  4. Saved this image. Thanks much for posting this!

  5. life hacks! haha love this sorta stuff

  6. I actually tried the elevator trick couple of times and it doesn't work:( But anyways great tips thanks!

    1. Too bad :( Haven't go occasion, but I'll try this myself soon. Maybe I'll have better luck.

  7. wow thats pretty cool definatly saved that

  8. Saw this on 9gag, very useful lifehacks.

  9. I've got a massive collection of these lifehacks, but you posted a few that I haven't seen before and that would really benefit me, thanks :)